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Ten Immortal Hindi Film Songs Featured on a Piano


 Songs and Music are the soul of Hindi cinema. Many people go to watch films just because of their songs. Thanks to the  fondness for  songs and music in Hindi films, the lyricist,  the music director and the choreographer are the integral parts of a film. 
Some of the classic movies were made in the golden era of Hindi cinema. Every thing about these movies was mesmerising and all songs in these movies played a pivotal role in their success. 
It seems,  picturising songs on Piano was a rage in that period. Piano is the king of all musical instruments. It is so majestic  that it adds to the grandeur of the room  it is placed in and gives a different aura and dynamics to the person sitting on it. Elegant and classy, Piano has the widest range among the musical instruments. Hindi cinema should feel proud for filming some of its most popular and immortal songs with the actor playing a piano.

1.  "Chalo ek baar phir se ajnabi ban jayen hum dono..."

GUMRAAH (1963)

Lyrics by Sahir Ludhiyanavi, Composed by Ravi, sung by Mahendra Kapoor and featured on Sunil Dutt. This is one song I have heard more number of times than the days I have lived for, sometimes ten to fifteen times on the trot. It seems, the great Sahir sahib has poured out his heart and the silky voice of Mahendra Kapoor and Ravi's music have well complimented. My all time favourite.

तआर्रुफ़ रोग हो जाये तो उसको भूलना बेहतर ..
ताल्लुक़ बोझ बन जाये तो उसको तोड़ना अच्छा ...
वो अफसाना जिसे अंजाम तक लाना हो मुमकिन,
उसे एक खूबसूरत मोड़ देकर छोड़ना अच्छा...

Beautiful lines...

         2. "Dost dost na rahaa, pyaar pyaar na rahaa..."

                                         SANGAM (1964)

Shailendra's lyrics, Mukesh's voice, Shankar-Jaikishan's music and enacted by the maestro Raj Kapoor.
See the pain in his eyes, truly posing a betrayed lover and friend. The guilt in the eyes of Rajendra Kumar and Vyjantimala. Nobody seems to be acting in this song. Magnificent.

गले लगीं सहम सहम, भरे गले से बोलतीं 
वो तुम न थीं तो कौन था...तुम ही तो थीं...
सफर के वक़्त में, पालक पे मोतियों को तोलतीं

वो तुम न थीं तो कौन था, तुम ही तो थीं....


         3. "Pyaar deewaana hota hai...mastaana hota hai..."

                                        KATI PATANG (1970)

Anand Bakshi's metaphorical lyrics, R.D. Burman's composition, voiced by Kishore Kumar and featured on the unforgettable Rajesh Khanna, every person in love must have hummed or listened to this heart-touching song. Khanna's trademark winks and jerk of neck as he plays the piano looks real but, the lyrics steal the show. 

सुनो किसी शायर ने ये कहा बहुत खूब,
मना करे दुनिया लेकिन मेरे मेहबूब,
वो छलक जाता है जो पैमाना होता है,

हर ख़ुशी से हर गम से बेगाना होता है....

              4. "Tera jaana dil ke armaano ka lut jaana...."

                                         ANARI (1959)

Again, Shailendra's lyrics, Shakar-Jaikishan's music, Lata Mangeshkar's magical voice and Nutan shouldering the responsibility to bring it to life... Every word hits you hard. Breathtaking beauty of Nutan mesmerizes you and the Lata Mangeshkar's melody touches you deep. Lovely song to listen to...Lovely song to watch.

तेरा गम तेरी ख़ुशी
मेरा गम मेरी ख़ुशी 
तुमसे ही थी ज़िन्दगी 
हँस कर हमने  था कहा
जीवन भर का साथ है,

ये कल ही की बात है...

                5. "Koi sone ke dil wala, koi chanwaladi ke dil ..."

                                                       MAYA (1961)

Lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri, composed by Salil Chaudhary, sung by the unmatched Mohammad Rafi and picturised on the ace macho man of Bollywood, 'The Dev Anand'... Brilliant song from a brilliant movie.

क्या जानिये कहाँ से आती है कानों में सदा

है दीवाने, गम तेरा सब से जुदा

             6. "Dheere dheere machal, ae dil-e-beqaraar..."

                                                         ANUPAMA (1966)

Kaifi Azmi's unparalleled poetry, Hemant Kumar's music and Lata Mangeshkar's voice... Despite that the song is not filmed on the lead character, it has become immortal...

उसके दामन की खुशबु हवाओं में है...

उसके क़दमों की आहट फ़ज़ाओं में है... 

Salute to both of you.. Kaifi sahib and Hemant da...

                      6. "kisi patthar ki moorat se...."

                                           HUMRAAZ (1967)

This pair of Sunil Dutt and Mahendra Kapoor was magical..
Sahir sahib's lyrics and Ravi's music only magnifies it....

हर इक बेजां तकल्लुफ से बगावत का इरादा है...

Sahir Ludhiyanvi was so gifted...

               7. "Jeewan ke din chotey sahi..."

                                                      BADE DILWALA (1983)

I fell for this song hearing the starting piano beats...

Penned by the great Majrooh Sultanopuri, sung by Kishore Kumar, composed by  R.D. Burman...

This is truly an inspiring song and the effortless act of Rishi Kapoor..see that swag, the pain, the pretension and the hesitation of an impostor  ...well, you'll understand it if you've seen the movie.

ये ज़िंदगी दर्द भी है, ये ज़िंदगी है दवा भी
दिल तोड़ना ही न जाना, जाने ये दिल जोड़ना भी
इस ज़िंदगी का शुक्रिया, सदके मैं ऊपर वाले

                            8. "Ye kaun aaya roshan ho gayi..."

                                                SAATHI (1968)

   Majrooh sahib's lyrics, Lata Mangeshkar's voice, Music by Naushad...

   The words will sweeten your ears, music will pacify your soul and the voice will soothe your heart.
What a beautiful song!

See the poetry in these lines...

आहट पे हल्की हल्की , छाती धड़के पायल की...
 हर गोरी से नाम उसका ये लहरें पूछें आँचल की... 
चुपके चुपके राधा कोई पूछे अपने श्याम से...

take a bow, Majrooh Sahib...


                 9. "Aaj ki raat mere dil ki salaami le le..."

                                         RAM AUR SHYAM (1967)

My father was a big fan of Mohammad Rafi. He used to say that the biggest quality of Rafi was that he tried to match his voice with the actor. Isn't it true? 
See how Dilip Kumar enacts this song on Piano.
Lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni and composed by Naushad, this is an epic song from an epic movie.

मैंने चाहा कि बता दूँ मैं हकीकत अपनी... तूने लेकिन न मेरा राज़-इ-मोहब्बत समझा मेरी उलझन मेरे हालात यहाँ तक पहुँचे तेरी आँखों ने मेरे प्यार को नफरत समझा अपनी तेरी राह से बेगाना चला जायेगा....

Just wonderful!


                       10. "Chehre pe khushi cha jaati hai..."

                                                 WAQT (1965)

   Penned by Sahi Ludhiyanvi, composed by Ravi Shankar, Sung by Asha Bhonsle and picturised on the quintessential beauty Sadhna. A happy moment song. Unforgettable.

जब तुम मुझे अपना कहते हो,

अपने पे गरूर आ जाता है...

It was difficult to pick just ten songs. Being a poet by heart, I've picked these on the basis of poetry and meaningfulness. 

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  1. Wonderful collection. I saw Gumrah many times. Thanks for bringing the gems...