Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Numbers do speak…lend thy ears

Numbers do speak…lend thy ears

I am an ardent lover of Mathematics. Loving it didn’t go in vain. It returned more than what I gave it. It helped me when I desperately needed some work to sustain. I worked hard on it and it kept on rewarding my devotion. Mathematics demands three things-Patience, Practice and Presence of Mind.
I tell my students what I have learnt about the art….Mathematics is like a flattery loving paramour. You meet it daily, spend time with it, gift it your hard work and it will be yours forever. If you ever ignore it, it will walk away.
Mathematics has reasons to every ‘why’ you come up with. It is logical and that’s why when you practice mathematics, you start being logical. It brings a revolutionary change in the way you think and react when faced with a problem in life, patience and presence of mind come to aid you.
Students frequently ask me a question- ‘Sir, most of the mathematics has no use in life, then why we have to study it?’ My answer to their question is- whatever mathematics teaches us, can be applied in our lives. The problem is we don’t know how to apply it. The permutations and combinations that life asks us to work out are far simpler.
Mathematics instills in us the art of making life simpler. It helps us to cultivate a rational approach towards enigmatic situations life takes us into.
In mathematics, solving a problem is no art. However, solving it in the simplest possible way is an art. Same can be applied to life too.

Remember-we are sons of Aryabhatta, Mathematics is in our blood.


  1. This post comes a day after I cursed Aryabhatta - the guy which started all of it.. For I was finding it difficult to solve the mathematics problems..
    But now as I read this post.. I realized its all there to build up my logical reasoning skills which are obviously very necessary for each one of us.. Thank you Gaurav Sir..
    This is going to help to work easily.. :)

    1. Hi Manpreet....will be glad if it really helps you...and believe me, give a bit to Mathematics, it will return in heaps...