Saturday, 10 May 2014


Why I Love Air Force

Sky asks the cloud, ‘Dear, what you love the most?
‘Is it the chromatic rainbow, or the bird I host?’
‘No’ replied the cloud ‘beauty is noble and gracious,
I like my pals to be a vagabond, arrogant and dexterous.’
Fighter planes are the ones who match my thunder’
We care, revive and secure the mankind under,
I shower rains helping the soil, getting pregnant,
They drop bombs to wipe off the assailants.’

Ask teenagers, what they want out of their lives and you can vouch for answers to be-Status and wealth, with reluctant additions such as integrity, perseverance, pride and dignity and enthusiastic utterance of ‘thrill’ and ‘adventure’ as topping. However, when they look up to their guardians for guiding them through to get all these, seldom are they told to join the Air Force.
A simple and realistic way of seeing all aspirations coming true is to serve the Air Force with a bonanza carrying distinction of serving the motherland that would, ultimately provides the greatest satisfaction. The best thing one can do is to defend his country.
We can buy the most expensive clothes with the riches, but believe me, heaps of diamonds and suitcases filled with currency notes will be insufficient to get the feel of pride and dignity the uniform of a soldier facilitates.
It just asks you to cultivate the readiness to sacrifice and to consider the country before yourself.
Michael P. Anderson has said “If you want something that’s going to provide you with a lot of challenges and a variety of different things to do, then you really can’t beat a place like the Air Force. I don’t mean this to sound like a recruiting pitch, but it’s been a lot of fun”
Fighter planes are the most sophisticated man-driven automobiles. One can be a professional pilot without joining the Air Force but won’t you be a mere ‘driver’ carrying passengers here and there? And to sit in that cockpit will become a delusive and distant dream for ever.
The training and courses, one has to go through to become a pilot, normally cost a lot. But in Air Force, you don’t have to spend money for it; just a burning desire would suffice.
I haven’t seen a mortal, not applauding a somersaulting, squirming, maneuvering and formation displaying jet. The roaring and threatening device even compel you to brave the glares of the sun. I always fancy the imagination of seeing myself occupying the cockpit of a hunter and playing hide and seek with the clouds in the sky and the amazed spectators applauding me.
I don’t want to see my compatriots scarifying dreams or to settle for less, but if someone’s circumstances force him to earn after school, I see Air Force as the best job option. No organization gives such handsome remunerations to raw intermediates. The most favorable part is the working hours- you can study further and go for commissioning after improving your credentials.
Metamorphosis from a raw recruit to a prepared, confident and masculine Airman in a real sense might not be easy but it is less difficult than a civilian normally goes through to become equally deserving.
If not me, somebody else will come forth; after all, our country is not short of people. Air Force doesn’t really need us. We need to find out where we fit in it.
It offers variety of jobs-both in technical and non-technical grades. We can be a fighter pilot, which is the most respected trade among all armed forces or a paratrooper or a doctor in the Air Force and even clerks can find a life in it.
The Air Force offers lifetime medical facilities, Job security, travel opportunities, Pension and the most glamorous side is the Rank that remains with us for the rest of our lives. The Chevrons and the Strips are great intoxicants. They give you distinct identity, dignity and pride.
So if you have the courage and desire to test yourself against the spur of difficulty, if you want to brave the storm, if you want the vast sky to bow in front of you and allow you to wander across its expanse, the Air Force is the place for you.
The Air Force invites you to have a spectacular life-and Hey! You always have a choice to quit.

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