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Andy Karan, the spy, shines in a test of personal will, the survival, and the duty

About Kulpreet Yadav

An Amazon No. 1bestselling novelist and motivational speaker, Kulpreet Yadav is the Founder-Editor of Open Road Review, an international literary magazine that has published over 300 writers from 24 countries in the last five years. As a Creative Writing Mentor, Kulpreet has conducted numerous workshops for aspiring writers in India.
Kulpreet's motivational and training workshops are a unique combination of creativity, communication, leadership & entertainment that has benefited thousands of working professionals and students at premier institutions and global corporate brands. 
A product of the Naval Officer’s Academy, Kulpreet quit his job of a mariner as a Commandant with the Indian Coast Guard on 1 Jan 2014, to pursue his passion of writing and speaking. Shortlisted in several literary contests, his stories and essays have appeared in numerous publications in India and abroad.


About 'A Girl Who Loved A Spy' -

"Everyone is imperfect and everyone deserves to be loved." It all starts when Andy Karan is asked by Monica, his boss at the 'New Delhi Today' magazine, to investigate the murder of a lawyer. As Andy is sucked deeper, he discovers a shocking connection between organized crime and desperate businessmen. As a part of the secret organization called 'The List,' which does all the government's dirty work, Andy has been working undercover for the Indian Intelligence Service ever since he left the army, a fact not known to Monica. Risking his life and wading through political twists, human redemption, and tangled conspiracies, Andy finds himself pitched against a dirty bomb in the hands of the enemy. It's not that Andy wants to live forever, but this is one case he can't afford to lose. Not just for truth but, for the first time in his life, for love.

My Review....

After starting it, I simply could not put it down. It is captivating from the first to the last word.
I believe that the thrillers give a writer less scope of flaunting his literary abilities and that is where this book Impressed me. Kulpreet Yadav doesn't miss any chance of showing his writing prowess and keeps bringing in piercing metaphors and made me read those lines twice or even thrice sometimes.
The author remains ruthless with his characters and doesn't refrain from killing them. Even Andy Karan, the protagonist is vulnerable. He falters, is fearful, suffers a life-threatening bullet shot and is not portrayed as a superhero. However, one thing which I had realized in the middle of my read that Andy would emerge as a winner whatever might happen to him. I feel, little more tension would have made it even more intriguing.
Just one word for 'A Girl Who Loved a Spy ' - ENGAGING.

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