Sunday, 19 November 2017

'PADMAVATI' Hullabaloo

                   'PADMAVATI' HULLABALLOO

Creative independence is always encircled. 
If I ask a filmmaker, "Why do you make films?"
 In all likelihood his answer will be, "To satiate my creativity." 

It is justifiable. But, you make it for your audience. No?.
Then, isn't it your duty to respect the sentiments of the audience?

I have always maintained that a writer should be responsible. You can but you shouldn't write  on subjects which the culture and beliefs prevailing in your land for ages do not permit. 
Are the films hold more value than the history?
Majority will answer in negative. 

Creativity is presenting facts in an interesting and appealing manner. If you have to distort facts in the name of creativity, either you  doubt your talent or you love controversy. Having seen his previous films, I don't have slightest of doubt that the 'Auteur' Mr. Bhansali can ever be short of fodder for his creativity. He could have shown the same story by changing the names of the true historical characters and concealing its historical reference and significance.
None of the living progeny of Rani Padmavati can claim the authenticity of the folklore. However, the grandeur  of Padmavati's character and the reverence of people for her must be respected. 
Rani Padmavati (or Padmini) and Rawal Ratan Singh are iconic Rajputs. Leave out the despicable historical relevance of Allauddin Khilji for the Indians. 

Films should aim to entertain people or to force them to ponder on the social issues that demand attention of each and every constituent of the society. We, as a society, are by no means short of such issues.

Such rows and controversies always benefit a film. Mr. Bhansali and the cast of his films expressing their anger and distress over the opposition of his film is a complete eyewash and an indispensable reaction. The early intervention of Rajput Karni Sena helped Mr. Bhansali save crores he would have spent on the promotion of the film. 

The producer and the actors of the so called magnum opus PADMAVATI  trying to present themselves as victims.

Deepika says, "It's appalling, it's absolutely appalling. What have we gotten ourselves into? And where have we reached as a nation? We have regressed." 

Sorry to say, but this is hypocrisy. Doesn't she sound selfish considering that this film is her most ambitious project in terms of scale? Or maybe, because only a small group has problems with this film.
We all have read and heard the strong reactions of film stars when media encroach on their personal sphere sharing true or fictitious stories. Then, who gives them the right to showcase the events,  true or cooked, from the lifetime of people, not even alive and, the people who are worshipped and idolised?

you can't make people swallow your personal beliefs in the name of creativity when your creations sustain on the tastes and opinions of masses.
As an individual you may think that there is nothing wrong in practising  sex before marriage, for instance. Alright. But, what if the people you intend to read or see it refuse to think as progressively as you think? Writer's iterate over writing books keeping in mind the readers' inclinations and  the business of making films is no way different. Then,  Mr. Bhansali, his team and the whole film fraternity   must  respect the sentiments of the people who are protesting against PADMAVATI.

I do not endorse the violence and unceremonious statements of the protesters and utterly disapprove of the threats to chop off ears and nose of the actress in lead role. By doing so, they are bound to lose the sympathizers. They are not going to win this fight with violence, vandalism and hooliganism.


  1. Agreed with all points. I think they make films to earn money and not for creative satisfaction come what may.