Wednesday, 25 June 2014


I normally don’t get time to listen to Radio though I am a fan of old Hindi songs. So, when I drive, my car stereo plays FM.

Yesterday, I was going to Karol Bagh and my son tuned in 93.5 FM channel.
As a song ended, the Radio jockey mimed Arvind Kejriwal ‘Namaskar, I am Arvind Kejriwal’ He jibed on his political misadventure in a few sentences followed by a jeer involving his daughter that really annoyed me. 
He said ‘my daughter has cracked IIT but has not yet decided on the stream she should opt for. As you all know, I believe in SWARAJ, so we will ask public to decide what stream she should choose’
Hearing it, I lost my cool. I grumbled and muttered out my displeasure.


 Was this right on  part of the Radio Jockey to drag Arvind Kejriwal’s daughter?
He can be the subject of mockery for a horrible stint as an activist turned politician. I myself have criticized him in one of my articles, but who gives anybody a right to involve his innocent children?
Are we as insensitive as a society?
The girl has cracked IIT in first attempt which is indeed a great achievement. Is it her fault that she is the daughter of a person who threw away his job as a top government official and chose to reform the society?
It might be inappropriate to ask the credentials of that Radio Jockey but I will surely like to advise him to restrain from being sarcastic with people who have bigger achievements than his in their kitty and especially when they have done that in lesser years than he has already lived for.


  1. Nowadays, media is too irresponsible to understand all of what you said. These guys just care for making money and they do what sells..
    So, the real mistake is of people like us who listen and support and buy what these guys are selling to us!
    From T.V. Channels to newspapers and even radio, this has been happening. Media makes it a big chaos over a small remark from a celebrity or politician (of course we need to know what they say but misguiding the audience just to put some 'masala' in the news is pathetic).
    But when media does such work, they have no one to criticize. There's no one who can tell people how the 'media' is going wrong and people, well they have always followed everything blindly.
    I am sure the mimicry which made you angry would have been loved by many and that's where it all goes wrong. People, from politicians to media, do wrong because they're supported by normal people like us.
    All such people should be boycotted and condemned in public by ALL of us. Only then these stupid stuff will stop!

  2. Dear Manpreet
    Yes, they do go beyond the line of decency

  3. That RJ deserves to be spanked... he has been irresponsible towards his job and discourteous to human triumph. AK's daughter deserves an applause and not a jeering dunce who calls himself an RJ.

    It is because of people who distort the definition of freedom of expression that the entire media suffers.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Arvind Passey sir, exactly. A few irresponsible people bring bad name to entire media